Will Scalp Micro Pigmentation be 2020's most popular treatment?

What is Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP)?

SMP is a non-surgical treatment for hair loss, that involves tattooing the scalp. This cosmetic tattoo gives the impression of a close buzz cut hairstyle on a completely shaved head. The SMP is thousands of small dots on the scalp that looks like you had a no.1 all over. 

Is the SMP procedure painful?

Everyone will have differing pain sensitivity, so to some it won't be too bad. For some of us we might need to have a numbing cream or local anaesthetic applied to help us get through the pain. Tattooing in general is regarded as quite painful procedure, but there's no way to find out until you try it. The pigment isn't injected as deep into the skin as a normal tattoo, so you may find the pain not as extreme.

Is SMP permanent?

SMP is classed as a permanent treatment, however the pigment can be removed by using laser removal. In truth though the pigment does change over time and it will fade. Different factors will effect have the pigment fades, such as how much sunlight you get. To keep your SMP looking natural and at its best it is usually recommended to have a touch up every 3-5 years.

Can I have SMP without a shaved head hairstyle?

Indeed you can, and SMP is becoming increasingly popular amongst women to conceal a widening parting. The SMP will conceal your hair loss by giving the same colour to the scalp as the roots of your hair. By preventing the contrast of colours between your scalp and hair, it gives the impression of greater hair coverage. 

SMP can also be used to conceal small patches of Alopecia Areata, where you are able to use your existing hair in conjunction to conceal the patch.

The other area of increasing popularity is to use SMP in conjunction with a Hair Transplant. Depending on the style of hair transplant that you opt for, you will either be left with a thin line scar across the back of your head or lots of small dot scars. If you use a reputable surgeon, none of these scars are going to be noticeable unless you were to completely shave down the back of your head. You can use SMP into these scars to conceal them and keep your hairstyle options open.

Why should you consider having an SMP treatment in 2020?

For me SMP is the most effective way to conceal your hair loss in small areas, while you use ongoing treatments. For myself personally with some loss in my crown, that has been treated for the last 5 years. My loss is not going to get any worse as long as I continue to treat it, but at this stage I won't be getting any regrowth or thickening. The easy option would be to use a concealer product like Toppik or DermMatch on a daily basis to conceal the loss. That is no the route I want to take, so for me the best option could be an SMP treatment. There are no side effects or down time needed after a treatment. 

Instead of worrying about applying your daily cosmetic solution or suffering in silence, an SMP treatment really is a viable long term cosmetic solution!


Be sure to do your research! There are new SMP clinics opening all the time as the treatment continues to grow in popularity. Don't pick the clinic that is the cheapest, but pick the SMP artist that has shown they can create the results you are after. It is always better to have a consultation with multiple clinics to find the right one for you. 

This is a permanent treatment, so be sure to pick an artist that knows what they are doing and will give you the result that you want. 

If you are considering going for a full head SMP treatment with the buzz cut style haircut moving forward, the hairline is the most important part of your design. Don't pick the hairline you had when you were 20 years old! Be conservative and go with a hairline that suits your age. SMP should look natural and the hairline is a dead giveaway if done incorrectly. Nothing looks as suspicious as a 60 year old with the hairline of a 20 year old. You'll regret it.

Takeaway: 2020 should be the year you consider SMP as a treatment for your hair loss

Not sure if its the best option for you? Fill in our contact form and we would be happy to give advice for the next step in your hair loss treatment.

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