What is Mesotherapy? The hair loss treatment you may not have heard of

Mesotherapy is simply a series of minimally invasive injections into the skin, specifically the scalp in our case. The concoction that is injected into the scalp contains growth factors that your cells needs to grow a healthy hair. Studies have began to show just how effective mesotherapy is.

However there is no clear consensus on which ingredients should be included in the Mesotherapy injections and how best to apply into the scalp. Each manufacturer has differing ingredients and levels of each ingredients in their products. While they all may be effective to their own levels, more research is still needed to conclude which is the mesotherapy cocktail that we should all be using.

How does Mesotherapy work?

The method of action is actually 2-fold with Mesotherapy. The first is a mechanical action. In the same vain as a Dermaroller, the injections create lots of trauma spots across the hair loss area. Trauma causes a response of increased collagen and elastin production. Collagen is the building block of healthy skin. Also the trauma will increase the blood flow into the area, to bring the nutrients necessary to repair the trauma.

The second method of action is chemical, with all the ingredients that are injected into the scalp. These active ingredients can increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and provide the nutrients your cells need to build a hair to its full potential. 

What results could I see?

A study comparison, of men with androgenetic alopecia, between Minoxidil and Mesotherapy found no statistical difference is the trichoscans taken over the course of the clinical study.

While only a small study, it did show promise that Mesotherapy can lead to equal or greater results than using Minoxidil.


In 2020, the rise of injectable treatments is sure enough going to continue. Botox and fillers have been incredibly popular over the last couple of years and in terms of hair loss treatments PRP is part of the new age of injectable treatments. For that reason I would expect Mesotherapy to become a much more mainstream treatment option over the next few years. 

If you decide to explore Mesotherapy to treat your hair loss, be sure to make sure that your aesthetician is fully qualified and experienced to be carrying out your treatment. Be careful if you see someone offering a cheaper service than is the norm. The likelihood is that you will be paying for a lower quality service, treatment and result.


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