Welcome back to all of our Salon Accounts!

Its July 4th, the day barbers and hairdressers across the UK have been waiting for. Officially back open for the first time since the UK entered into lockdown in March. The last 3 months have been difficult and testing for us all and not least for the small business owners that have been forced to close with no income. There are some 40,000 salons and barber shops in the UK, employing hundreds of thousands of hairdressers, stylists, receptionists, trainees and barbers. Today we celebrate each of you, we have all missed you!

While today marks a landmark in the UK's road to recovery, our new path forward for 2020 is very different to the one we left in March. Face masks and gloves will be the new norm for the foreseeable future to help protect us from the dangers of Covid-19. Waiting areas and drop in appointments will be a thing of the past, as will magazines to read or a cup of coffee or tea as we wait. None of that will matter once we get back underway. Lockdown hairstyles will be thankfully be forgotten as a distant memory. Summer 2020 is upon us and its about time our hair knew it too!

We look forward to seeing our barbers and hairdressers soon!


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