Time to take control of Your Hair Loss with Hairmax

Hair Loss can be a difficult process to have to suffer through. For the majority of us, we tend to suffer through it in silence as GPs and hairdressers are notoriously bad at providing information on suitable treatments. During our lifetime more than 50% of men and women will suffer from hair loss in some capacity and solutions are readily available!

HairMax low level laser treatments are an FDA-cleared treatment for both men and women of all ages who are suffering with Androgenetic Alopecia (Male/Female Pattern Baldness). 

HairMax laser devices have undergone years of extensive research to bring you the most effective low level laser treatment for home use. Each device in the HairMax range delivers the exact same therapeutic laser treatment to revitalise your weakened hair follicles and reverse the thinning process. This photobiostimulation process restores the natural hair growth cycle to increase the density and fullness of your hair growth. 

In total HairMax have been involved in 7 clinic trials, involving over 460 men and women. Across each HairMax clinical trial, the success rate was 92% with an average increase in the hair count of 129 hairs per square inch. The clinical trials were conducted by a variety of research centres at universities across the USA. 6 of the studies were designed as multi-centered, double-blind and randomized control device. 

  • Significant hair growth
  • Reversal of the thinning process
  • Increased density and fullness
  • A substantial decrease in hair fallout
  • Increased rate of hair growth
  • More manageability of the hair
  • Overall better quality and condition of hair

HairMax devices could be the answer for your hair loss, with devices starting at a RRP of just £174.95.

View the HairMax range here

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