The Weird & Wonderful Hair Loss Treatments

Since the start of mankind, we have been searching high and far for the cure to Genetic Hair Loss (Androgenic Alopecia). And back when science was not as advanced as it is today, some of the treatments that were tried out are very far-fetched. And while the majority will see those treatments for what they are, there are some people out there who still believe they may work!


Pigeon Droppings

This cure for hair loss comes from the Classical Greek Era, formulated by famous physician Hippocrates. A man himself plagued by the male pattern hair loss, he mixed pigeon droppings with opium, beetroot, horseradish and spices to create his hair loss lotion.

Such was his desire to discover a hair loss cure, his name is still used in the hair loss industry. The hair on the sides and back of your head, that remain unaffected by male pattern hair loss, is known as "The Hippocratic Wreath". His cure may not have worked, but his name lives on.


One school of thought in the developing science of hair loss was that it was caused by a lack of blood flow to the scalp. A restricted blood flow would mean that the hair follicles aren't receiving the necessary oxygen and nutrients for them to produce a thick and healthy hair.

By maintaining a headstand for a period of time, gravity will help to pull more blood flow to the head and therefore in theory provide a better supply of nutrients to the scalp. Modern science has shown that blood flow doesn't play a role in genetic hair loss.


Hot Sauce

This particular home remedy has been in the news recently due to the number of YouTube videos that have been promoting the use of cayenne pepper (capsaicin) pastes as a hair loss treatment. The "theory" behind this is that the spice will cause an increase in the blood flow to the area. With a greater blood flow there is an increase in the available nutrients to the area. With more resources a thicker hair might be grown. Sounds a little plausible right? But in practice there is no evidence to say it has a chance of working. Without an additional energy source, the cells that grow your hairs have a limitation no matter how much nutrients they have available to them.

All you will find if you start rubbing hot sauce or chili paste on your scalp is an uncomfortable burning sensation on the scalp.

Cow Urine

It might sound absurd, but cow urine is still used in traditional Indian medicine today. In Hindu cultures, cows are regarded as sacred animals and a care giver. For this reason cows are not raised to be eaten in their culture and India in fact has the lowest beef consumption rate in the world!

As cows are sacred animals in their religion, they view the cow as having unknown healing powers. Supposedly there are conditions that must be followed to get the best hair loss result. The urine should only come from a virgin cow and should be collected and drunk before sunrise. Yes you read that right, drunk. It is worth noting that there is the chance of illness resulting from drinking cow urine.

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