Split Ends - Whey do they happen?

Split Ends like you can see in the image below, are caused when the hair becomes weak and damaged. The cortical fibres inside the hair follicle are no longer able to keep their structure and unravel. In most cases the split happens at the end of the hair, as this tends to be the weakest point. Damage can happen further up the hair as well and breakage can be seen there.
Split ends do effect most people that keep their hair in a long hairstyle, although the degree of split ends seen will depend on a variety of reasons. How well you look after the condition of your hair is the key factor here. One of the main reasons for split ends is that the hair has become to dry and brittle. As the hair grows longer, it's ability to retain moisture worsens. Shampooing your hair adds moisture back into the hair, but using a conditioner regularly is key to keeping that moisture in the hair.

Split Ends will cause the ends of your hair to look untidy and uneven. The look will be much duller and flat. Damaged hair is also more likely to tangle and knot worsening the problem. Once a hair is damaged like this, there is noting that can be done to repair it unfortunately. The hair needs to be cut off at a length where the hair is still in a healthy condition to prevent the split from further progressing. 
Once way to get an even cut off of the split ends is to use the Split-Ender Pro. This hair cutting tool can cut 1/4 inch or 1/8 inch of every split end! Using on a monthly basis will cut off enough hair to keep your hair shiny, smooth and healthy. 

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