Restore your Hair and Scalps natural pH

The pH of your hair and scalp are incredibly important to both the short term and long term health of both. You would be surprised how easy it is to knock your pH level off and cause some nasty side effects. If left to its own device, the scalp and hair will have a pH level of between 4 and 5.5. This means that the scalp is slightly acidic, with a 7 on the pH scale being neutral. The sebum that our scalp produces is what causes this acidic pH. Sebum protects the scalp from bacteria and fungi production.

Bacteria and fungi on the scalp can lead to a wide range of conditions such as excess dandruff and psoriasis. Sebum also keeps the cuticle of each hair follicle closed and helps to retain moisture in both the hair follicle and the scalp. The slightly acidic nature of the sebum is crucial to keeping the production of bacteria and fungi as low as we can, so we must do what we can to maintain this level.


Shampoo's are designed to remove the sebum from the hair and scalp to leave them clean. Sebum will trap dead skin cells, dirt and pollution that we come in contact with. But by removing that sebum completely we are moving towards a more alkaline pH level. Shampooing is important to keep our hair healthy, shiny and vibrant. But we must then take extra steps to make sure the long term health of the hair is being looked after.


Be wary of cheap shampoo's as these are the products most likely to aggressively strip the hair of its essential oils and leave us with a problem. These cheaper Shampoos are more likely to leave the cuticles of our hair open and susceptible to damage. An open hair cuticle will cause the hair to lose moisture more quickly, but also cause the hair to knot much more easily. Split ends and breakages will happen more easily and soon the long hair we loved we will soon loathe. The more damaged the hair becomes, the more difficult it becomes to control. It will also lose it shine and look flat and lifeless.

Mediceuticals TheraRx

A Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp and Hair Rinse has become a popular home remedy for people to try and maintain that pH balance. We would recommend you try Mediceuticals TheraRx - Skin & Scalp Wash to help maintain the health of your scalp. TheraRx will kill harmful bacteria on the scalp and reduce any inflammation.

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