Introducing the HairMax Laser Cap 272 with PowerFlex Design

The brand new Laser 272 PowerFlex Cap is coming soon! 

Delivering HairMax's clinically proven low level laser treatment directly to your hair follicles. Across the 7 clinical trials to date, the HairMax treatment has been shown to stimulate cellular energy and reduce inflammation. 

The PowerFlex Cap is HairMax's 2nd generation of Laser Cap, following on from the RegrowMD 272 Laser Cap. So what's the difference between the 2 devices?

The PowerFlex is a higher quality build compared to the RegrowMD, making it a more comfortable and robust device. A more flexible build material makes it easier to fit into your hat of choice. The PowerFlex also contains a water resistant silicone inner liner that can be removed for easy cleaning. 

The RegrowMD cap only has 1 usage mode compared to the 2 on the PowerFlex. The previous generation device could only be used as a 30 minute treatment, which actually used a pulsed laser light wave. The reason for using a pulsed light was due to the device retaining heat through its use. When having the device on a constant laser light wave, the device heats up to an uncomfortable level. To prevent discomfort and damage to the device the pulsed laser light worked best.

With the brand new design and lightweight build on the PowerFlex, the heat can more easily dissipate while using the device. For this reason you can change the mode on the PowerFlex to a constant laser light and therefore only a 15 minute treatment time.

The controller for the PowerFlex also has an illuminated treatment timer and a battery level indicator.


For more info on the PowerFlex 272 or the Regrow MD 272 please feel free to contact us via the contact form.


  • Can the device be used more than 3 days a week … or is it detrimental

    Zaynul Keshani
  • Dear Sirs,
    can you offer also Hairmax Laser 272 PowerFlex Cap for delivery to Germany?
    Thank you for your reply.
    Best regards.
    Katalin Kramer

    Katalin Kramer

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