Help Hair Whey Protein – How does it work?

Help Hair Whey Protein is the only whey protein supplement that has been specifically designed to feed your hair. Containing a proprietary blend of hair building ingredients, as well as 8g of Protein per serving, Help Hair could be the answer to your hair loss.


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Available in 5 delicious flavours: Chocolate, Vanilla, Mocha, Super Greens & Berrylicious



  • 8 grams of protein per serving
  • 40mg of Niacin (200% Daily Intake)
  • 2.5mg of Biotin (833% Daily Intake)
  • Only 75 calories per serving
  • Contains both Zinc and Manganese. Both are essential for proper cell function
  • Help Hair’s contains a proprietary blend of amino acids. These amino acids are the building blocks for Collagen, Elastin and Keratin production, which are essential for healthy hair, skin and nails.


Each of your hair follicles are made of over 90% protein (Keratin) and Help Hair is specially formulated to nourish your hair follicles with the necessary protein. Use Help Hair today for thicker, fuller and healthier hair growth!


Help Hair uses Whey Protein Concentrate, which is a less processed version of Whey. Higher processed versions Whey can lead to Accelerated Hair Loss. This is due to them being more anabolic, so the body digests it quicker. In turn this causes a high spike in free-testosterone levels and this can cause accelerated hair loss.


You can use Help Hair as a Meal replacement for weight loss or even a workout supplement. Add Peanut Butter, Yoghurt or other natural protein sources to add extra protein to your shake.


Take one Help Hair shake in the morning and one Help Hair Vitamin in the evening for best results. Try adding a scoop of instant coffee to your shake to add caffeine and boost your results. Caffeine has been shown to have beneficial effects on hair growth. Be careful, heating your Help Hair shake can denature the protein.



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