Help Hair Most Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I take a Help Hair shake?

The recommendation is to have a shake in the morning and then a Help Hair Vitamin in the evening for best results. They should be taken at least 8-10 hours apart from each other. Alternatively if you would rather have the extra protein in your diet, you can have a 2nd shake in the evening instead of the Vitamin.

Can I heat my shake?

Heating your protein shake will actually denature the protein, making the product less effective. It is highly advised to not heat the Help Hair Whey Protein Powder or mix it with any hot liquids to maintain the quality of the ingredients. If you hot drinks is a preference for you, then why not try the Help Hair Nuts4Hair. 

Can I add another Protein Powder to create a higher protein content?

Help Hair has been formulated using a low-anabolic Whey Protein Concentrate. Studies have shown that more anabolic protein powders can cause higher increases in testosterone levels and therefore an increase in the rate of hair loss seen. Whey Protein Isolates are especially anabolic and should be avoided. Adding an extra protein powder can negate the positive effects of the Help Hair Whey Protein. If you want an extra protein kick in your shake we would suggest blending it with either some yoghurt or peanut butter. These natural sources of protein naturally have a lower anabolic rate. 

Do you have samples of each flavour that I can try before I buy?

Yes! We have single serve sachets of each flavour available on request. If you would like to try a flavour then please do get in contact with us and we would be more than happy to supply a sample for you.  

Which is the most popular flavour?

Help Hair's Vanilla and Chocolate flavours have always been the most popular flavours. As well as being classic flavours, they are the best to use if you are blending your protein powder into a smoothie with fruit.


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