HairMax Most Frequently Asked Questions?

Is it safe to use?

Every single HairMax device is FDA-cleared. In fact HairMax were the 1st brand to achieve FDA-clearance for a home use Low Level Laser Treatment for Hair Loss. To date HairMax have received over 10 FDA clearances for their devices.

Are there any side effects?

HairMax devices have been used in 7 clinical trials to date, the most of any brand on the market. And throughout all of those trials there were no reported side effects. In a handful of cases, allergic reactions can be seen with itchiness or redness of the scalp. Once the treatment was ceased the reaction was no longer seen. It is recommended to do a patch test on your forearm when you first receive your device and check overnight for any allergic reaction.

Do I need to use special glasses to use the HairMax device?

Definitely do not look straight into the lasers when they are turned on. But otherwise no special eyewear or goggles is needed to protect your eyes. Staring directly into the lasers for an extended period of time will have a risk of permanent damage to your sight in the same manner as staring directly at the sun. 

Can I use this treatment with any other treatments, such as Prescription Medications?

The HairMax Low Level Laser Treatment has no contraindications with any other medications or conditions. Combination therapies have been proven to be more effective than any stand alone treatment. We always recommend you to consider using other treatments alongside your HairMax device to make sure you get the best results possible.

Which is the best HairMax device for me?

It's hard to say that any one device will suit someone better than the rest. Every HairMax device uses the same medical grade lasers, so will provide the exact same treatment. The difference between the devices is the way in which you use them (handheld or hands free) and how long you need to use the device for.

The more lasers the device has, the less time that you need to device for. Ultimately as long as you follow the treatment as recommended each device will lead to the same results. 

Can the HairMax treatment cause more hair loss?

HairMax devices are a therapeutic treatment, that can not contribute to long term hair loss. However if the treatment is successful, it will cause some temporary hair loss. The reason for this is that the treatment causes new growth phases to start sooner than they otherwise would have. When the new growth phase starts a brand new hair grows from the root and will eventually push the old hair out of the way. It can take a number of months for this new hair to grow through to the length you may want it, but the hair will be stronger and healthier from the treatment. 

When suffering from Androgenetic Alopecia, you have a greater number of hairs in a resting phase. When you start the HairMax treatment and these resting phases are prematurely ended you will see a greater shed of hairs than is otherwise normal for you. A lot of people do panic when they see this shed and think the treatment has caused their hair loss to worsen. In actual fact the treatment has just caused new growth to start.

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