HairMax featured in British GQ

We are proud to announce that 2 Low Level Laser Devices from the HairMax range have been featured this week on the British GQ website. The HairMax Laserband 82 ComfortFlex and the Powerflex 272 Laser Cap have both been featured in the "Best New Grooming Items This Week", starting from the 11th May 2021. 

Laserband 82 ComfortFlex

The Laserband 82 ComfortFlex is one of the latest devices in the HairMax range, bringing a brand new design on the original Laserband 82. The ComfortFlex design brings a more flexible and more comfortable design to the award winning Hair Loss Treatment. Featuring the patented Hair Parting Teeth to create a direct pathway for the Low Level Laser Light to reach the scalp in an efficient and effective manner. This allows for a total treatment of just 90 seconds! The HairMax treatment has been proven over the course of 20 years and 7 clinical trials. Across those 7 clinical trials a success rate of 92% and 129 new hair per sq. inch were seen on average. 

Powerflex 272 Laser Cap

The Powerflex 272 is the pinnacle of the HairMax range, bringing the most number of lasers with a unique device design. The HairMax Powerflex 272 is a flexible and innovative device, which allows for a 15 minute treatment time. Cap devices can sometimes be liable to overheating due to their design. The heat from the cap and from your own head can become trapped, making overheating a risk. The Powerflex 272 allows heat to escape in a more effective manner than its predecessors to reduce the treatment time from 30 minutes to 15 minutes. 

HairMax are the Worlds No.1 brand for home-use Low Level Laser Treatments for Hair Loss. HairMax have sold close to 2 million devices over the last 20 years and since the Covid-19 pandemic the demand for at home treatments for Hair Loss has increased exponentially. We fully anticipate this trend to continue as we move through 2021 and continue to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic.  

You can find the full HairMax range of devices here.

Start recommending HairMax devices to your clients and customers today, and see the benefits of Low Level Laser!

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