Hair Transplants - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Hair Transplant Permanent? 

The hair that is transplanted as part of your surgery, comes from an area of your head that won't suffer from the effects of genetic hair loss. The hairs that grow on the sides and the back of the head don't have the androgen receptors that interact with dihydrotestosterone(DHT). The distribution of androgen receptors on the top of your scalp determine your hair loss pattern. For an unknown reason, these receptors aren't found in the "safe" zone of the back of the head. This is why your donor hair for your transplant is taken from here.

Your transplanted hair could still at danger from other hair loss causes post-transplant. Stress, trauma, side effects from medications are just some of the potential causes of temporary and permanent hair loss.

Will my transplant look natural?

Creating a look for you that looks natural is all part of the artistry of the surgeon. An experienced and well skilled surgeon will design your transplant to look natural for your age. This is quite key to the whole look, making sure that any hairline redesign matches your age. Lowering your hairline down to where your hairline was at 18 years old, will look unnatural and people may be able to tell!

The placement of the transplanted hair is also a key part of creating that look. Hair occurs in a random pattern, but many unskilled hair transplant surgeons will place the transplanted hairs in rows. Pick your surgeon wisely to make sure the result you get is the result you are paying for. 

How long will the Hair Transplant Surgery take?

Typically your surgery will last the majority of the day. The extraction and implantation is a slow process as each hair is implanted separately. All of this will depend on the size of the operation, but do expect to be there for most of the day.

How long will the results take to be seen?

It can take a little while for the transplanted hairs to grow. After the surgery those hairs enter a resting phase that can last for 9-12 months. 

Typically you will start to see the first growth coming through in around months 4-6. Full results are usually seen between months 9-18 after surgery. 

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