Hair Loss Myths – Part 3

Direct Sunlight is bad for your hair

One of the roles of our hair is actually to protect the scalp from the dangers over exposure to the sun’s rays. In actual fact, exposure to direct sunlight is healthy for both our skin and our hair. Over exposure to strong sunlight can have a harmful effect on our skin in the form of a sunburn. This sunburn is a superficial affliction that won’t affect our existing hair or future hair growth. Healthy amounts of direct sunlight will actually help our hair to grow faster and stronger. The red-light element of the sun’s rays have been clinically proven to do such in the form of HairMax Low Level Laser Devices

Cutting your hair helps it to grow back stronger

The logic for this comes from the fact that the shorter the hair is the thicker it is. Our hair naturally tapers with growth and so the root is always thicker than the tip of the hair. When our hair is extremely short and we can only see this thick start to our hair growth, it is easy to attribute that to fact the hair has just been cut. Truth be told, our body has no way of being able to tell the exact length of the hair outside the body. It therefore can’t adept the growth of the hair based on whether or not it has just been freshly cut.

Blow drying causes more hair to fall out

Each day we naturally shed approximately 50-100 hairs due to the hair growth cycle. When a hair is shed, it is because there is a new hair growing from scratch that pushes the older hair out of the way. These hairs will tend to be shed when some force is applied onto the hair. For men this happens when we shampoo our hair. This is when the majority of us will really notice the number of hairs being shed. It can easy to mistake this shedding for permanent hair loss or miss an increase in the level of shedding that indicates hair loss taking place. Blow drying your hair will cause any loose hairs to fall out of place. So, while blow drying may look like it is causing hairs to fall out, it is only dislodging hairs that were already destined to fall out. With time the new hair will grow in its place as the hair growth cycle continues.

Stress is making you go bald

Stress can cause hair loss, but it doesn’t cause baldness. Stress related hair loss is categorized by sudden, temporary hair loss. Male Pattern Baldness is a hereditary condition that can be treated medically. Stress related hair loss is not a medically recognised condition and overtime we correct itself. Removing stress from your life is not as easy as saying it, but over time if you are able to slowly to remove the stress your hair will return to its regular growth.

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