Hair Loss Myths - Part 2

Myths are aplenty when it comes to Hair Loss. Whether its what causes Hair Loss or potential treatments for it, we have always been quick to make wild and false claims about it.

Everyone goes bald eventually

Baldness is unfortunately an affliction that will only affect a certain number of us. As we age, the number of people who suffer with hair loss does increase. However that doesn't mean that we all will!

By the age of 65, more than 65% of men will have some level of genetic hair loss, but that doesn't mean that all of those 65% will be completely bald. Our genetic makeup will decide to what level we will lose our hair over time. Some people will be lucky enough that they will only lose say 5% of their total hair due to genetic hair loss. Others will be unlucky and lose all the hair on the top of their head. 

It is perfectly normal for both men and women to age well over 65 and never see any hair loss at all. They just don't possess the genes necessary to see genetic hair loss.

Poor circulation causes Hair Loss

Your blood stream transports oxygen, nutrients and other growth factors around the scalp. All these growth factors are necessary for healthy hair growth, and a deficiency in them will see poor hair growth and potentially temporary hair loss. This is the case when people go on crash diets where they restrict foods completely that the body needs to function properly. 

However a reduction in the circulation to the scalp is not the cause of your hair loss. A reduction in the circulation to the scalp would be the symptom of a much larger issue with your circulatory system that you would notice very quickly.

On the flip side, vasodilators do work to promote healthier hair growth. Providing the hair follicle with a greater source of nutrients and growth factors will enable a thicker and stronger hair to be grown

Masturbation causes Hair Loss

The link here is the testosterone increase that is theorized after masturbation. While it may cause a minor spike in your testosterone, the increased levels are not sustained or high enough to increase the DHT levels in the scalp. 

The other theory is the protein loss that could then have otherwise been used to grow a hair. Again the amount of protein loss is negligible and would have no long term effect on hair loss.

A study in 2001 actually found that men who abstained from masturabtion for 3 weeks had an elevated testosterone from when the study first started. 

Testosterone on its own can't cause hair loss. You have to have a genetic sensitivity to the DHT byproduct to see any hair loss. 

Over using hair products can cause Hair Loss

Any product that you apply onto your hair can affect the long term health of your existing hair. However it won't have any effect over the future growth.

Products that dry out the hair will increase the potential for damage such as split ends or breakages. This won't however prevent that hair from growing further. To cause hair loss, the product would have to be absorbed into the scalp and makes its way to the base of the hair follicle. This is not something that is possible, so you can continue to use your hair products with no fear of hair loss.

Just remember to shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep the hair in it's most optimal health

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