Hair Loss Myths

The genes for hair loss are inherited from your mother

The genes for hair loss are actually inherited from both sides of your family. Hereditary genes are more dominant on your mother's side, but you can still inherit the hair loss genes from your father. The hair loss genes do have a history of skipping out generations. So even if your father has a full head of hair you could still be at risk!

Hair loss is only found in men with high testosterone

The cause of genetic hair loss is a testosterone by product, known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Genetic hair loss is determined by the distribution of androgen receptors at the base of your hair follicles. DHT is able to interact with these receptors, which causes your hair follicles to miniaturise and eventually stop growing a hair completely. Our genes decide the distribution of these receptors and the base level of DHT in our blood. High testosterone doesn't necessarily correlate to a higher level of DHT. An increase in your base testosterone level could lead to higher DHT and accelerate your hair loss. However raising of your testosterone won't cause hair loss to start. 

Washing your hair in cold water can cure baldness

Cold water does have its benefits for your hair, but preventing or curing hair loss is not one of them. Cold water can increase the blood flow to your scalp and could have an effect on the quality of your hair growth. It won't effect the levels of DHT or its interaction with your hair follicles.


Wearing a hat makes you go bald

There is so far no scientific evidence to support this myth. You can keep on wearing any hat with no fear of it causing any hair loss.

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