Don't skip on your Conditioner

How many men don't regularly condition their hair? A study in the USA found that 39% of men aged 30-59 only conditioned their hair once per week or less, with a huge 18% admitting to never conditioning their hair. 

Conditioning your hair is important for the short and long term health of your hair. The importance of doing such does depend on the length you keep your hair, with it being more important the longer the hair is. A conditioner is a essentially a moisturizer for your hair follicles. When you shampoo your hair, you are increasing the water content of each hair follicle, leaving it hydrated and healthy. Over the course of the next 24 hours, all of that water is lost. When you use a conditioner it smoothens the cuticles of your hair. This reduces the surface area of the hair and therefore reduces the rate of water loss. This process leaves the hair smooth and shiny.

Dry hair will become brittle over time and will be much more susceptible to breakage and split-ends. And the longer you hair style, the worse your hair naturally becomes at retaining its water content. 

Conditioning your hair will also prevent your hair from tangling and becoming knotted. When your hair is freshly conditioned and the cuticles are closed, your hair will move freely past each other. When the cuticles are open, the hair can become snagged on one another and this is when you are likely to see knotting. 

A popular product for a while has been the 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner. While using this style of product is better than using no Conditioner at all, it definitely can't do an equal job in comparison to using a seperate shampoo and conditioner. If time saving is a must for you, then go for the 2-in-1. Otherwise it should really be avoided for better quality products.

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