DermMatch - The Water Resistant Hair Loss Cosmetic

Did you know that DermMatch is water resistant? Swim or get caught in the rain and the product won't run or smear! DermMatch is only removed once you watch it out with a shampoo. This gives you the confidence to go on with your day without fear of the product running or becoming patchy to create a not-so-natural look to your hair.

You could never try swimming when using any other hair loss concealer like fibres or coloured hair thickener. Your fibres might not even stand up to a strong wind without weighing them down with a hair spray on top of them. And your coloured hair thickener will easily rub off when touched lightly. Only DermMatch can give you the confidence necessary to have complete faith that your look will last the entire day.

DermMatch is a dry compact powder that you apply with a damp sponge applicator directly onto the scalp and roots of the hair. DermMatch creates the look of thicker and fuller by preventing scalp show through and giving more lift to limp hairs. DermMatch is available in 8 colours.


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