Copper Peptides for Hair Loss

Copper peptides are an increasingly popular ingredient in skincare products for their skin restoring properties. Copper peptides have been shown to increase skin firmness, smoothness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. They are able to do this by promoting collagen and elastin synthesis, while also improving antioxidant activity. By improving the levels of collagen production, copper peptides are also thought to be beneficial to wound healing.

Copper peptides are naturally occurring in the body and are a combination of copper and three amino acids. The levels of the copper peptide GHK-Cu in our body declines with age. Products with copper peptides in their ingredients can top up our natural levels and make sure our bodies are performing to their full potential. With all that being said they is still for more research and data needed to fully understand the role that copper peptide products can play.

When it comes to our hair, it is believed that collagen is able to promote thicker and healthier hair growth. If copper peptides are able to successfully increase our collagen synthesis, then there is a chance that the copper peptides can influence our hair growth. One argument for Copper Peptides is that they are able to block DHT and therefore reduce the rate of hair loss. DHT is the testosterone by-product that causes Androgenetic Hair Loss (Genetic Hair Loss). If we are able to reduce the production of DHT or prevent it from attacking our hair follicles, then that can go a long way to treating our hair loss. More research is definitely needed to see if this claim is substantiated.

The next benefit of copper peptides is its ability to regenerate new hair growth and increase the strength and width of the hair. A thicker and fuller appearance to our hair will go some way to conceal any hair loss. Hair loss is noticeable when you can see the contrast of the scalp and hair. If we thicken the existing hair then we can prevent the contrast of between the scalp and hair and make the hair loss less noticeable.

Copper peptides can stimulate your blood flow to the scalp and provide more oxygen and nutrients to the scalp. While hair loss isn’t caused by a lack of blood flow or nutrients to the scalp, a popular myth, increasing the levels can allow us to grow a thicker hair. To what level this is true is up for debate. We have already touched on the increase in collagen synthesis that Copper Peptides are able to encourage. Collagen is a structural protein, that gives our scalp its structure and stability. By increasing our collagen synthesis, we give our hair growth the best possible start in life. How far this will go to aid our hair growth and potential treat our hair loss remains to be seen.

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